Pulse Unity Official WhitePaper 2022-2023 V1.02

"Introducing Pulseunity: On a Mission to Mars and Beyond!" The Investors choice.


Pulse Unity is the first of its kind in the crypto and social media space, introducing a community driven utility token as a means of powering web 3.0 technology and social media.
With an ambition to bring crypto to the next level, Pulse Unity allows users to access resources, data, and services on various applications, with their token acting as an intermediary bridge between them. Through the use of decentralized protocols, Pulse Unity promises to keep users completely safe, secure and private in their transactions.
This groundbreaking project has great potential to revolutionize the way people use and interact with cryptocurrency, with its mission to make the crypto space more accessible, efficient and secure. By providing a platform for anybody to transact with any other entity, Pulse Unity is pioneering the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Pulse Unity is a first in the community-driven utility token space, created by Crypto community whales coming together for the greater good of communities. The use of "PulseUnity" in this whitepaper (or its token symbol "PLSU") is shorthand for "The Pulse Unity Social Utility Token". Pulse Unity trades under the token symbol PLSU on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain.
PLSU is an ERC20 token and is listed under the following contract address: 0x909171ab06909ff74cc183039567ddc071754acd
The purpose of PLSU is to be the main trading currency used on https://pulseunity.com and all further projects as and if launched by Pulse Unity in the future.
The token was launched on September 30th 2022 with a total supply of 73,718,430 PLSU tokens. On launch, More than 20% of the total supply was immediately distributed amongst the initial sacrifice stage participants.
The initial wallet addresses are now forever locked in the contract to receive a % of all future income from Pulse Unity projects.